Respite Holidays

Our respite homes are all fully adapted to accommodate wheelchairs. The homes have fantastic amenities including their own swimming pools and children’s entertainment.

Many of the parents we select for a holiday have had to give up employment to become full time carers to their children. For this reason we have decided to grant each family a one week stay with £250 spending money to cover provisions and travel expenses.

We book families in from the months of April-September each year and are always booked to maximum capacity.

The thank you letters we receive from the families speak in volumes the importance of respite for these families. It gives the children and their parents a break away from their daily routine and everyday stresses.

We are also pleased to announce we have just had a new ramp installed at our respite home in Fleetwood, which now makes this home fully adapted to accommodate wheelchairs outside and throughout the entire home.

After a very bad year Strongbones gave us the chance to just be a family and not be part of a genetic disease and they gave us a break away in the caravan and still to this day I have never seen my boy smile, laugh, make friends and just be a boy like he did that week!! Those memories are priceless thank you Strongbones

~ Kim Ridley


If you would like to apply please call 01708 750599 or email us at and we will supply you with a form and pre-paid envelope. Forms can no longer be completed online.

“Aaron was in a plaster cast and brace for most of the year, so it was lovely to see him able to play on the beach and paddle with his older brother” The Fowler Family

“The Caravan and site are absolutely marvelous, Myles has an electric wheelchair, so the site was ideal, he thought it was brilliant he could reach the slot machines” The Sketchley family

“Callum had a fantastic time and hit the jackpot on the amusements, as you can see from the photo with all his winning tickets” The Read Family

“We want to thank you for our forthcoming holiday, we haven’t had a holiday before, so rain wind or shine we will have a good time” The Copeland family

“Thank you for making it possible for us to go on holiday after Ellisha’s surgery. We all had a great time. We would not have been able to do this without you.” The Hockham Family

“When we found out we had been given a free holiday it was like an answer to our prayers, we had a fantastic time and the weather couldn’t have been better”. The Andrews Family