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Strongbones have been amazing for my son Owen, Owen has always been comfortable in his p pod but as it is quite big is wasn’t mobile, Strongbones kindly donated for Owen to have a wheeled base as well as accessories a new cover, and they have supplied Owen with the ability to move around comfortable in his home.

Owen hasn’t had the best year and has been unable to attend their awesome events but they have sent Balloons and well wishes which brought smiles on our darkest days. Owen now experiences hourly pain and morphine doesn’t help, but the comfort of his p pod allowed him to enjoy his milestone birthday party. We simply can’t thank Strongbones enough for all they have done for us as a family, they are truly amazing.”

~ Michelle Morrison


The Following Criteria Applies To All New Applications As Of 1st December 2017

  • We donate funds to children suffering from arthritis, scoliosis, brittle bone disease, bone cancer and all other conditions of the bone. Applicants must be under the age of 21.
  • Our grant scheme for individuals is only available for  disability equipment, manual wheelchairs, smart home technology, supportive seating and trikes.  Applications will be assessed at periodic meetings by a panel consisting of trustees, parent ambassadors and our grants officer . Emergency grants will be tabled as needed.
  • All applications must be enclosed with an official document from a hospital or other medical body detailing your child’s medical condition.
  • up to a maximum of 70% of the cost of equipment will be provided.  Payment will be made of our agreed pledged amount direct to the supplier once the balance has been raised.
  • All grants can only be made to the supplier direct or a social workers patient/client account.  The equipment will be delivered to you .
  • Medical professional/social workers can supply the grant information on headed paper instead of a charity application form.
  • All manual wheelchairs and supported seating must be accompanied with a quote and the endorsement of a occupational therapist stating postural requirements and that the requested item will be an improvement on current equipment the child has .
  • FINANCIAL INFORMATION MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL (This enables us to ensure help is going to those who need it most. Financial details are kept completely confidential).  Please note : applications are means tested and assessed on financial income.
  • Repeat applicants can only reapply after 18 months has elapsed since your last grant unless the child is terminal or under exceptional circumstances.
  • All grants must be followed up with a photo and brief report within six months of purchase to allow us to continue to monitor the outcomes of the grant process
  • If you would like balloons sent to your child while in hospital we require an email to with the child’s name,  ward and full hospital address along with a image of a hospital letter confirming your child has a bone bone condition (i.e. an old hospital letter) if we do not hold a application on file you already.
  • All applications will not be successful and the trustees decision is final.
Image of disabled pupil smiling with illustration of muscles on wall


If you would like to apply please call 01708 750599 or email us at and we will supply you with a form and pre-paid envelope. Forms can no longer be completed online.


Once we receive your completed application and all the additional paperwork it will go forward to the next available trustee’s meeting and we will confirm via email that we have received everything. It may take up to three months to receive a decision . If there are not enough funds to help everyone selected they will roll over to the next meeting. Emergency applications for children with bone cancer undergoing treatment or terminally ill children will be assessed in-between meetings and take priority over all other applications. If Successful a term of us providing the grant is that you provide an update and a photo of the child with the equipment.