Sample Grants


Tamzin Aged twelve suffers with scoliosis, hypotonia & development delay. We are pleased to have purchased a P-Pod Seat for Tamzin.


Max aged nine suffers with cerebral palsy and metabolic bone disease. We are please to have been able to purchase Max a Leckey Comfee Seat.


George aged nine suffers with scoliosis, spina bifia and autism. We are pleased to be able to purchase George with a specially adapted Trike.

Inspirational Child Awards

We are pleased to announce we have started two award programmes, we have an inspirational child award where the child receives their award along with a cheque for £100.00 and […]


below are some recent pictures we have received from some children receiving our balloons in hospital


Abigail aged two suffers with scoliosis, cleft palate, hearing loss and hoprocencephaly.  We are pleased to have purchased a lazy spa which essentially works as a hydrotherapy pool and has […]


Lennon aged seven suffers with scoliosis, heart disease and chronic lung disease.  Lennon gets easily out of breath and wearing talipes makes it hard to walk long distances.  We are […]