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Hello my name is Myles Sketchley, I am 16 yers old. I am the Yooth Ambassider for Strongbones Charity. As part of my job I visit places in England and abrord to make shure they are weelchair accsesible. I rite about how I maniged to get arawnd in a blog on the Strongbones website. I have been to France on the Eurotunnel, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Lughbrer, Birmingham, Coventerey, the Strongbones caravan in Blackpool, the Lake District and York. When I am going places I look at the accsesibility for weelchair users like me. I see if places have ramps to get in and out, if the doors are wide enuf, if it is flat to get arawnd and if there is enuf space. I think it is reley inportent to no where to go that is accsesible and I wuld like to make it eser for uther peple and children to go out.

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Myles’s New Fortnightly Blog We are pleased to announce the opening of Myles Sketchley’s new blog.    Myles is our youth Ambassador and works tirelessly to raise awarenesses for Strongbones […]

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This is a place just for the children to be able to share any awards or achievements or stories of fun days out etc. We cant wait to hear all […]