Abigail aged nine suffers with scoliosis and  microcephaly . Abigail is a full time wheelchair user and we are pleased to have purchased her a sling that connects to her hoist and allows her to stand up right and be moved along the track.  Not only can she have a change of position when she is at home but it is also helping her with physio by  strengthening her muscles which haven’t been used for a long time. The long term hope is her parents can  teach her muscles how to walk and that she will be able to choose where she wants to go and maybe even get back into a conventional walking frame. It has also meant that her brother has been able to see her standing up and has been able to get to her without a barrier and they have both enjoyed playing together.  We have also purchased her a new double swing frame for the garden so Abigail and her brother can play together

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